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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) - About Programme

About Programme

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What is it?

The International Award for Young People is an exciting self-development programme for all young people worldwide aged 14-25. Since 1956, the Award Programme has successfully equipped over million young people in over 144 countries with life skills, built their confidence, and engaged them with their communities.

The Award concept is one of individual challenge and it encourages young people to develop into responsible, active citizens. The Award programme is non-competitive and anyone with enterprise, enthusiasm and dedication can participate. For adults, the Award Programme provides an opportunity to help by sharing their skills and experiences with young people.

Each level requires increased commitment and effort in:

Adventure– cultivates a spirit of adventure and an understanding of the environment
Voluntary Service – develops a sense of community and social responsibility
Skills – develops cultural, vocational and practical skills
Physical Recreation- encourages improved performance and fitness
Residential Project (additional for Gold Level) – broadens horizons through a worthwhile residential experience.


What benefits are there for me?

For participants, the main reward is a great sense of personal achievement. You will gain new skills and experiences; make new friends, and build your all-round character. Young People experience self-reliance, perseverance, personal discovery, responsibility and service to the community. For Award leaders and instructors, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you have helped young people to develop and make valuable contributions to the community. On top of all this, it’s all about having great fun.


What is the minimum age for participation?

Bronze Level – 14 years
Silver Level – 15 years
Gold Level – 16 years


Maximum age to participate?

The maximum age to achieve the Award is 25 years. This means for the Gold level, participant should register not after 24 years of age. However, most participants who have enrolled at the age of 14 are often able to obtain the Gold Award before they are 20 years of age


What is the duration of the Award and minimum age of achieving the award?


What is the dedicated duration to each section in each Award level?

Minimum one hour per week in each section.
*Additional Residential Project of 5 days + 4 nights.


What does it cost?

The participant registration fee for each level of the Award from YES Centres has been revised to Rs 700/- (Rs. Seven Hundred only) for Offline and Online Record Book Participants. The registration fee for Open Award Centre Participants is Rs. 1,000 (Rs. One Thousand only). Licensee fees for YES Centre is 11,500 (includes Goods and Service Tax), for corporate partners & multi-unit Foundations is 40,000 (includes Goods and Service Tax) and for Trained Activity Providers (such as adventure and skill operator) is 28,500 (includes Goods and Service Tax). All transaction payable only by bank draft payable to SBI New Delhi in favour of Award Programme Foundation or online transaction.


What do I get?

When you are undertaking your Award, you will receive a diary and a record book to chart your progress in the four sections of the Award. As a successful participant, you will receive a prestigious badge and certificate which are internationally recognized, to mark your achievement for whichever level of the Award you undertake - Bronze, Silver or Gold. The Awards are normally presented at specially organised ceremonies in the presence of celebrities, local dignitaries or even royalty.


Is there any information on the Award?

Yes, printed brochures highlighting the Award information are available and can be collected from International Award for Young People, First Floor, 86/1 Shahpur Jat, August Kranti Marg, near Asian Games Village, New Delhi 110049.


Whom do I approach regarding Award queries?

You can contact the Programme Manager, International Award for Young People, First Floor, 86/1 Shahpur Jat, August Kranti Marg, near Asian Games Village, New Delhi 110049 or write to


Importance of correct documentation: Why are Diaries important? Why should Record Books be filled with care?

Diaries and Record Books are important for the purpose of recording and tracking the accurate dates and duration of activity undertaken, the outcomes, etc. Once you have completed your period of the relevant Award level, your Diary and Record Book would be your proof of what you have done and achieved, which would then make you eligible for the Award.


What are the suggested activities for completion of Award?

List of suggested activities can be downloaded from here.


Why Residential Projects for Gold Award?

The Aim of the Residential Projects for Gold Award is to broaden participant’s outlook and horizons through involvement with others in a residential setting. Residential Projects gives Gold participants a shared purposeful experience with people who are not their usual companions.


Can an Award Unit be changed?

Yes, this could be done with due approval from the Award Leader and informing National Award Authority. For more information refer the record book ‘Transfer Slip’.


What if I want to do an activity which is not listed?

Activities which are not listed should be approved by International Award Organization or may contact National Award Authority for further suggestions.


As an Award Leader, how do I check that the programme activity meets the criteria?

Please refer to the list of activities provided to you along with the Handbook. In case of any clarification, you can get in touch with the Programme Manager, International Award for Young People, First Floor, 86/1 Shahpur Jat, August Kranti Marg, near Asian Games Village, New Delhi 110049.


Is it necessary for my university/school to be a licensee of the Award Programme for me to participate in the IAYP Programme?

No it is not necessary for the university or school you are studying in to be registered under our National Award Authority for you to participate in the Award Programme. Individual registration options are available on this link



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